Atlanta Barbell is a unique strength and conditioning gym in Decatur that is outfitted with equipment necessary to optimally improve function and performance.
Atlanta Barbell accommodates all demographics; that’s all ages, all levels of training advancements, genders, types of athletes, and anyone serious about improving themselves.
Atlanta Barbell is a “Black Iron Gym”.  This means our equipment is primarily free weights.  For specific details of equipment made available, please see our equipment inventory page.
For information about memberships, please see the membership page.
Yes.  Atlanta Barbell certified coaches are extremely proficient in coaching exercise technique and developing logical programs to help you achieve your goals.  To contact our coaches for availability/rates or any other inquiries, see the Coaching page.
Atlanta Barbell promotes a positive and welcoming environment for its members.  It is a small gym, expect to meet people and make friends.  Atlanta Barbell is not a “hardcore” gym.  It is full of everyday people making a serious effort to improve themselves.  The gym is not quiet, nor is it mundane.  Our members are good people, jackassery is not tolerated.
We have the following amenities:

  • AC/Heat
  • Male & Female locker rooms with 2 showers apiece
  • Water fountain
  • Storage lockers
  • Lounge area
  • Wifi
  • Coffee
A Starting Strength Coach has demonstrated competence executing and coaching the basic barbell movements (squat, deadlift, press, bench press, power clean) according to the Starting Strength model, and has passed a rigorous exam demonstrating theoretical knowledge of the physics and biology involved. Starting Strength Coaches also must meet ongoing training and coaching requirements to retain their credential.
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Although learning the lifts from a book is possible, it can be a difficult process. The feedback of an experienced and knowledgeable coach can eliminate errors and help you make progress much faster. In addition, the coaches have all gone through the process of learning the lifts, and applying them to a program themselves.  They know the problems you are likely to encounter, and can eliminate a large chunk of the learning curve that comes with teaching yourself.