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Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy - Starting Strength Coach

Alex Kennedy is a coach and the co-owner of Atlanta Barbell. Alex has been coaching for 6 years. His Starting Strength Barbell Certification was obtained December 2013. Alex has coached a wide array of demographics in various sports such as cycling, weightlifting, marathon running, powerlifting and many others. Those his focus is on everyday people, create a significant change through strength training. Prior to his career as a Coach, Alex attended college at GSU, and served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps.

His best lifts include:
Squat: 475
Press: 265
Deadlift: 550
Bench Press: 405
Snatch 264:
Clean and Jerk: 325

Contact Alex
(706) 206-2327

Tanner Munck


Dee Fordella

Dee Campanella - Starting Strength Coach

Dee Fordella is a certified Starting Strength coach and co-owner of Atlanta Barbell. As a strength coach, she is passionate about helping her clients unleash their greatest potential.

Dee began her personal training career over 12 years ago. Prior to her career in health and fitness, she completed her Masters and Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science (from Georgia State University and Berry College, respectively). In undergrad, she was an All-American Collegiate Soccer player. These days, Dee enjoys training for powerlifting competitions, cycling, and sharing her breadth of knowledge and experience in health and wellness with clients.

Contact Dee
(770) 827-0287